Check out photos from the 30th Reunion by clicking Here.
New Stuff : Schalm & Baker Elementary Composite Pictures * LeeAnn Denell Reunion Photos ( 10th, 20th) * Kim Wilson's High School Scrapbook Photos
Kelly Pletcher Photos from Tavern on the Main the night before the reunion * Junior Year American Studies Trip to Grand Rapids Photo * DC Trip

December 17, 2014 Holiday Bar Night at Clawson's Renshaw Lounge

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In Memoriam...

Lorin Sheppard(March 1965- October 31, 2014) link to obituary Pam Given (August 1965 - September 18, 2014) link to obituary

30 Year Reunion! July 27th, 2013 - Pictures!

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25 Year Reunion: Click on a face to zoom in to see who's who!
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The Class of 1983 - 25 Year Reunion (10/11/08)

Check out photos from the 25th Reunion by clicking Here.
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1983 Class Photo (Yearbook Cover) -- 208 of 237 present
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