Alumni Map
Clawson High School, 1983
Pep Rally, Sophomore Year
The politically (and alcoholically) incorrect Homecoming Float of Freshman Year. Its theme was "Down the Colts."
Dan Richards, in cheerleader garb for the Powderpuff Game, handles the media.

Welcome to, a site designed to make it easier for Clawson High School's Class of 1983 to keep up with one another, instead of relying upon memory books printed every ten years.

Paying for this site: The costs for keeping the website running are $71 per year ($11 URL fee, $60 for server space). We've got some extra money in our budget to pay for the first year, however it might be advisable to resort to some advertising space. I'd prefer to keep the website free of pop-ups and clutter so any donations to keep it running (or free server-space) would be greatly appreciated. You can contact me at

I don't mind doing the website maintenance for the heck of it--I'm kind of weird that way.

Reunions: Our next reunion is in 2008 and, going with our usual pattern of reunions on the "5's", it will be more casual than the 10th or 20th. However, if you feel differently, please take the time to express your opinion on this page. There have already been several people to indicate that they'd like the 25th to be at an upscale hall (like the Roostertail) with a buffet, DJ at $60 per person. So now's the time to express your opinion!

Changes to the Site: Since the site was launched less than a week ago, we've had over 300 hits (and perhaps half of those hits weren't from me!). Many of you have already updated your bio pages or touched base with some friends.

Please send along any ideas, photos and anecdotes. Mr. Eidelman checked out our site and suggested a teacher's section which I've added. It would be fun to have the staff members let us know what they're doing as well as for them to hear some memories you've got of their classes.

But keep the site on your Favorites menu and keep checking back . I've made major changes in just a week to the structure and will update you on those changes on the home page as well as in semi-regular e-mails.

Privacy: I'll not list addresses or phone numbers unless you tell me to--only the city and state of your residence.

Send me Bulletins! If there's a major event you'd like to share with your classmates, please let me know and I'll post it in the yellow bar on the home page!

Thanks for all the encouraging words! It's been fun hearing from all of you! And spread the word about this site's existence!

--Kevin Walsh (, April 23, 2006


The 8th Grade trip to Washington D.C., March 1979