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Cindy (Boone) Vance

November 13, 1965
Spouse/Sig. Other:
Marriage Date:
June 4, 1993
Emily ('95), Edward ('98)
School of Cosmetology
Run two trucking companies and a vacation rental near Clare, Michigan
Ortonville, MI
Still in touch with:
Log Cabin Vacation Rental near Clare, MI owned by Cindy

School memory: Truthfully couldn't wait to get out of prison...I mean High School.  Seems like another lifetime ago now...but I still do have some blurry memories...mostly good.  Has it really been 25 years?  Who is that old lady staring back at me in the mirror???

Interesting Story: Along with running 2 trucking companies we own a Log Cabin Vacation Rental near Clare, MI. I also breed German Shepherd Dogs.  Still do haircuts here and there and whatever else I can think of to keep me out of trouble!