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John Campbell

November 15, 1964
Spouse/Sig. Other:
Braun Ray
Marriage Date:
April 13, 1991
Jay ('94), Kate Collins ('97), Ben ('99)
B.S. (U of Michigan, 1987); M.D. (U of Minnesota, 1993); Neurosurgery Residency (Virginia Commonwealth University, 2002)
Jonesboro, Arkansas
Still in touch with:
David Gray ('82)
Interesting Story: I spent three years serving with the U.S. Marines as
a medical officer, and 15 years in the Naval Reserve. I played right
wing for the University of Minnesota Medical/Dental School hockey team -
and survived! (Hockey in Minnesota makes the game in Michigan look
like PeeWees). I'm married to an incredible woman who I met in Richmond,
but now we're back in Arkansas closer to in-laws. My three children
are loving, humorous, energetic, and smart. My oldest, Jay, wants to fly
for the Marines after going to the Naval Academy. Kate wants to be a
doctor, and Ben will probably end up dictator of some small island

I enjoy my career as a neurosurgeon immensely, although I'm the only
one in my region who is able to do cranial (brain) surgeries, so I am
very busy doing about forty surgeries monthly. All the years of training
have been worth it, however, and, despite years of sleep deprivation,
I'd do it all over again.

I don't get up to Michigan much, but have fond memories of CHS and many
of our classmates. Hopefully, I'll be a the 30th reunion.