Jeff Gasiorowski

Spouse/Sig. Other:
Marriage Date:
Bobby ('96), Mikey ('98)
BA Advertising, Michigan State University
Senior Creative Director; Maritz, Inc.
Hartland, MI

Still in touch with:
Sorry to have missed everyone at the 25th reunion.  My Mom recently passed away, and we've been taking care of all those details.
The family is very busy these days, between sports, music, scouts, and Marla's pursuit of a second personal trainer certification.  My job in the automotive marketing and events world has been both challenging and fun (more challenging lately, given the condition of our auto industry clients).  Still, I'm very grateful to have the job I do.  As with many, it has its good points and bad.  Thankfully, no two days are alike, and I've been blessed to get to do some very unique things (see pics below).
Stark and I keep in touch, but living in Hartland, I don't run into many of you too often.  I'll look forward to the 30th reunion.  Go State!

A more-recent family pic with Mar and the goons at the Palace last winter.