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Pete Kalinski

January 17, 1965
Spouse/Sig. Other:
Marriage Date:
August 25, 1990
BA Michigan State, MA Wayne State, Certification in Archival Management, Advanced Course Work, School of Hard Knocks
Archivist (but still hoping to be an Anarchist), Adjunct History Instructor, Tinker, Tailor, working on on Candlestick Maker
Clawson, MI
Still in touch with:
Kevin Walsh (somebody please take his internet connection away!), John Leising (recently left witness protection program), John Woodward (spends most of his time in an ashram in Canton), Len Toombs (living la vida loca), Dave Stanesa (carpenter/programmer), Bill Beuthien (still never convicted), Eric Hesse (finalizing plans to take over the world), Chris Stark (has my vote for Pope)

School Memories: Bas Relief; waking up to a bright new day at the end of Humanities;the profound look of disappointment on Mr. Rice's face when he realized that 24 out of 26 students in Chem II couldn't tell him what Avagodro's Number (don't you mix it with salsa to make a dip?) was even if he held them up in a dark alley (apologies to Mr. Borrie); blowing up the world playing Guns and Butter in Mr. Bruce's class (another look of profound disappointment); downing the Colts (was there a float involved?); Chet Wing's performance art during American History, dropping a new engine in Bill Gaw's VW Beetle during lunch and rarely making it back for algebra; signing out after turning 18; and last but not least, John Dickenson for being kind enough to let me catch up on my sleep during English class senior year.