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Jenine (Landry) Biondo

Spouse/Sig. Other:
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High School and Associates Degree
Commitment Typist and Title Review
Macomb, MI
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School Memory: The Prep Rallys we used to have and seeing your friends everyday at school

Interesting Story: I was married for 14 years and sadly the marriage ended recently.  My spouse and I are still friends.  We never had any kids but I did have lots of animals.  My hobbies are reading, working out at the gym, going out on Lake St. Clair with friends in the summer and camping and just getting together with friends and family for bar-b-ques and special events that come up. 

Once a year I go to Florida for 10 days.  I feel I am fortunate to have a good job and have been with the company for 8-1/2 years.  I am accomplishing and learning alot.  My company likes to cross train people.  I would like to eventually go back to school to finish my degree in Human Resource.