Laura (McLean) Hipshire

May 10, 1965
Spouse/Sig. Other:
Marriage Date:
Daniel, Eric, Sabrina, Amanda )
Bachelor of Arts, Communications/Journalism, currently pursuing an MBA in Marketing
Freelance Writer
Taylor, MI

Still in touch with:
Alice Nummer, Laurie Sell, Wendy Kufta (class of 1985)

School Memory:  Having fun in Mr. Wing's class.  Going to lunch with Laurie Sell in her car with the stick shift that was so bad it made her hand bleed.

Interesting Story: While in college at U of M, I was in an all girls band.  I also used to own my own karaoke business.  I remember senior year I went to Canada with Cathy Hall and backed up her Camaro into some guy's motorcycle.  Luckily, no damage was done :)