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Robin W. (Owens) Cooper

August 12, 1965
Spouse/Sig. Other:
Marriage Date:
February 23, 1991
Mark, Matt, Laci, Shannon (step-daughter), Kristin (step-daughter)
1 year of college
Franklin Furnace, OH
Still in touch with:
Robin Curcio (via Facebook lately)

Interesting Story: I live in a very small ton in southern Ohio with my husband of 8 years, Rick, and my 18 yr old daughter,Laci.

All of our sons are married but the girls have other ideas for their lives right now as both are in college. My oldest son Mark and his wife, Sunshine are currently adopting a 5 yr olg little girl.Her name is Alissa.

My youngest son and his wife,Emily, just gave us our very first grandchild, Cooper, and he just turned 3 mos old. Right now I'm thoroughly enjoying being a grandma and spoiling him like crazy!!! I am a photographer and he gives me a great reason to take even more photos.

My stepson Shannon and his wife, Amber, do not have any children as of yet but they've been trying. This is my second marriage.Rick and I have no children together, just a really great blend.