Option 1: Mail them to Kevin! If you don't feel comfortable with digital photography, just send the photos along to me, Kevin Walsh, 4325 N. Verona Circle, Royal Oak, MI 48073 and I will be more than happy to scan them and get them back to you immediately. (If you're worried about losing them in the mail, stop by Kinkos and get some color copies made of the photos--about $1 per page for 8.5 x 11" paper.)

Option 2: Scan them yourself (or get a teenager to do it--that's what I do): The resolution of the scan doesn't have to be that high (75 dpi--dots per inch is fine for computer screens). They can be saved as JPG or TIF files for best results. Then just send me an e-mail at kwteacher@yahoo.com and attach the photo files.

Option 3: Sending pictures from your digital camera: These are generally bigger files than we need for a website, but send them along anyway (kwteacher@yahoo.com) and I'll crunch them down so they'll load quickly on people's computers. For example, many digital cameras take such great detail that the files are about 1.8 MB. The average file I use for photos is about 20K. But, I'll handle that on this end unless you want to try it yourself (see the next item).

Option 4 Online Album: If you have an online company like Snapfish for your pictures, you can send me a link to an album you've created, even if the album is just one picture.

Crunching Down Files: If you're really feeling technical, you can make them much smaller inside of Photoshop (generally an option that is called Save for Internet...) and that really cuts down on the file size. But I'll do it on my end instead, no problem!