Lisa (Quinn) Ostrowski

January 19, 1965
Spouse/Sig. Other:
Marriage Date:
March 11, 2000
Political Science Oakland University ('83-'87)
Retired (Business Administration)
Redford, MI
Still in touch with:
Joe Smith, Theresa MacKillop, Ann Nadolski, Margurite Pircer, Beth Clary and Karen May

School Memories: My close friendships with Joe Smith, Theresa Mackillop, Ann Nadolski, Margie Pircer, Beth Clary, Darren McCaffery, Karen May, Catherine Sherwood, Mark and Tom Pilette and Kathy Lepper. Participating in winning sports programs and highly accoladed band programs.

Interesting Story: I have been fortunate to be best of friends with my sister, Lori and my brother, Brian.Until recently, I was still able to compete at the elite level of Women's Softball and Co-Ed. In which I traveled all over the country. I was blessed to attain many National Championships and individual awards. I also met my husband through athletics, a true blessing indeed! We have been together for over 20 years.I love to travel. I am a volunteer at the Family Centered Experience (FCE) at U of M.