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October 11, 2008 at the Clawson Knights of Columbus Hall

Kickoff of the Homecoming game.

Chris Stark, Ann Nadolski, Greg Backe (back), Dan Webb, Johan Larsson, William Brito, Duane Luke and Marcelyn Laurens

Marty Kurkowski, Marty Peruski and Greg Wolf

Kenwood Elementary Alumni: Terry Leach, Robin Curcio, Linda Mankowski, Lisa Kennard, Duane Luke, Cindy Boone, Sherry Leach, Jimmy Coleman, and Greg Weaver.

Parker Elementary Alumni: Marty Peruski, John Cleven, Tracy Lake, Greg Backe, Alice Nummer, Chris Stark and Greg Wolf.

Schalm Elementary Alumni: Dawn Richardson, Kristin Truchan ('84), Paul Dodero, Kim Wilson, Chris Stewart, Brian Bershbach, Renee St. Pierre, Doug Jenkins, Ted Verner, Bill Ashwell, Jeff Kendall, Ken Eads and Marty Kurkowski.

Hunter Elementary Alumni: Chris Kissick, Lynn Eads, Chris Stewart, Carmen Bartley

McDonald Elementary Alumni: Dave Hollyfield, Kelene LePla, Catherine Sherwood

Baker Elementary Alumni: Scott Wiley, Dave Morisette, John Woodward, Ron Martz, Karen Bergman, Ann Marie Nadolski, Lynn Ranes (front), Cathy McGraw (back), Brian Grove, Stephanie Krug, Brian Grove

Kim Wilson and Cathy McGraw and their husbands

Ron Martz and his wife, Carolyn

Catherine Sherwood with her husband, Jim.

Mike Smagner and Shelley Korzenborn.

Renee St. Pierre and Robin Curcio

Ann Marie Nadolski, Marty Kurkowski and his classmate, and wife, Liz Higgins.

Marcelyn Laurens (right) with Ann Marie's friend, and Johan's date.

Mr. Bruce Borrie and his partner, Tom.

Carmen Bartley and Dawn Richardson

William Brito and Greg Weaver

Jeff Kendall and Sue Dawson with her husband, Dale.

Cindy Boone's husband, Matt, with Duane Luke

Alice Nummer (left) with Dave Hollyfield and his wife Amy.

Marty Peruski, Chris Stark and Greg Wolf.

Paul Dodero and Dave Morisette.

Dina Drummond and Brian Grove.

Lisa Kennard, Kristin (Truchan, '84) Ashwell, Dina Drummond, Lynn (Ranes)Eads, Ken Eads and Brian Grove

Doug Jenkins, Ted Verner, Bill Ashwell with Kim Jenkins and Nancy Verner.

Marty Kurkowsk and his wife and classmate, Liz Higgins.

John Cleven and Alice Nummer

Scott Wiley, Terry Leach, Alice Baekelandt and Sherry Leach.

Greg Weaver, Mr. John Dickinson and Mr. Al Eidelman.

Mr. Dickinson and Mr. Eidelman's American Studies (11th Grade) Alumni: Front: William Brito, Lisa Kennard, Lynn Ranes, Dina Drummond, Brian Grove and Teri Dixon Back: Marcelyn Laurens (in Europe for 11th grade, but welcome in this picture), Dawn Richardson, Marty Kurkowski, Al Eidelman, John Dickinson, Kevin Walsh and Ann Nadolski

Dawn Richardson and Greg Backe

Ann and Brian Bershbach with Dina Drummond

Marty Peruski and Marcelyn Laurens

Lynn and Ken Eads

Alice Nummer and John Woodward

Cathy McGraw, Carmen Bartley and Stephanie Krug

Dave and Amy Hollyfield

William Brito, Mike Smagner, Shelley Korzenborn, Tracy Lake and Greg Backe

Tracy Lake and Greg Backe

Catherine Sherwood with her husband, Jim

Jimmy Coleman with his date

Kevin Walsh, Greg Weaver and William Brito

Robin Curcio, Catherine Sherwood, Chris Stark, Dawn Richardson, Carmen Bartley and Lisa Kennard

Kevin and Patrice Walsh

Catherine Sherwood, Kevin Walsh and Dawn Richardson

Shelley Lezotte, Terri Leach, Rena Tendiglia, Alice Baekelandt and Sherry Leach

William Brito and Lisa Kennard

Two of our three exchange students: Marcelyn Laurens and Johan Larsson

Marcelyn Laurens, Ann Marie Nadolski and Johan Larsson

Johan Larsson and Ann Marie Nadolski

Ken Eads and Lynn Eads

Mike Smagner and Shelley Korzenborn

Liz Higgins, Marty Kurkowski and William Brito

Two marines: Marty Peruski and Marty Kurkowski

Greg Wolf, Marty Peruski and Marty Kurkowski

Alice Nummer and John Woodward

Bill and Kristin Ashwell

Chris Kissick, Johan Larsson, Brian Grove and Bill Ashwell

Elizabeth Kissick and Cheryl Stelfox

Chris and Elizabeth Kissick

Ray and Cheryl Stelfox

Mark and Kelene (LePla) Hirt

Jimmy Coleman, Chris Kissick and Ray Stelfox

Teri Dixon and William Brito

Teri Dixon and her date

Kim Wilson and Brian Grove

You can order copies of the above photos from Snapfish by clicking here.

Photos from Kim Wilson

Kristin Ashwell, Brian Grove, Kelene LePla and Kim Wilson

Stephanie Krug, Linda Mankowski, Kelene LePla, Karen Bergman and Cathy McGraw

Kelly Arbanas ('84) and Kelene LePla

Johan Larsson and Ann Marie Nadolski

Mr. Bruce Borrie with Bill and Kristin Ashwell

Cathy McGraw and Kim Wilson

Stephanie Krug and Scott Wiley

Brian Grove, Mr. Al Eidelman and Kristin Ashwell

Cathy McGraw, Kristin Ashwell, Brian Grove, Dina Drummond and Kim Wilson

Sherry Leach and Shelley Lezotte

Kim Wilson and William Brito

Brian Grove

Mr. Al Eidelman and Kim Wilson

Ann Marie and Johan still dancing


Bar Night (the night before) at Clawson's Tavern on the Main (courtesy of Kelly Pletcher)

Chris Kissick, Dina Drummond, Brian Grove and Kelly Pletcher

Kelene LePla, Cathy McGraw and Kelly Arbanas ('84)

Chris Kissick, Mark Hirt (Kelene's husband), Brian Grove, Bill Ashwell and Dan Webb

Bootsy Downs ('82), Chris Stewart, Ray Stelfox, John Cleven and Bill Ashwell

Ray Stelfox, Kristin (Truchan) Ashwell ('84), Kelene LePla, Kelly Arbanas and Chris Kissick

Brian Grove and Stephanie Krug

Bill Ashwell and Chris Kissick

Kelene LePla and Kelly Pletcher

Marceline Laurens, Chris Kissick, Ann Nadolski and Johan Larson