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July 27, 2013 at Farina's Banquet Center in Berkley, Michigan.

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Pete Kalinski and John Woodward examine Brian Grove's secret stash of Baker Elementary composite pictures.

John Allore and Chris Stewart.

Brian Grove with his date, Kendra Stewart (Chris's wife)

Paul Dodero, Kelly Pletcher, John Cleven and Susan Higgins ('84).

Graduation invitation and first all-night party ticket stub (courtesy of Brian Grove).

Lisa's husband, John Law, LeeAnn Denell, Lisa Denell, Leona Clark

Mr. Al Eidelman with Donna Gordon.

Linda Mankowski, Bridget Wiktor, Dawn Richardson and Cathy McGraw

Mike Kade

Joe and Nancy Smith with Patty and Chris Stark

Patrice Walsh, Mike Kade and Jimi Magill

Lisa Kennard and Scott Ferguson (Kathy Lepper's husband)

Catherine Sherwood with husband Jim with Carmen Bartley

Andy Ryan (Dawn Richardson's husband) with Kathy Lepper

Melanie McClain (with husband Tom) with Dave Arwine and his wife

Eric Hesse and Shelley Lezotte

Jane Devries with Lisa Allen

Jeff and Barb Zielinski

Jenine Landry and her date!

Sherry and Terry Leach, Kim Young and Matt Fennig

Ron Martz and Nick Demattia

Brian Grove's stash of memorabilia

Even spouses having fun! Patrice Walsh, Nancy Smith and Patty Stark

Joe Smith signs up for a Alice Nummer's retro '83 jersey t-shirt (with names of graduates)

Nick Demattia, Chris Stewart and John Allore

Lisa Denell, Chris Stark, LeeAnn Denell

Carmen Bartley and Catherine Sherwood

Carmen, Kevin Walsh and Catherine

Joe Smith, Chris Stark, Bill Beuthien, Dave Stanesa and Eric Hesse

Shelley Lezotte, Alice Nummer and Dave Morisette

Jeff Kendall and his wife

Chris Stewart, Kevin Walsh, Catherine Sherwood and Carmen Bartley

Kendra and Chris Stewart

Catherine, Patrice Walsh and Carmen

Bridget Wiktor and Donna Gordon

Paul Dodero and Nick Demattia

Paul, Kelly Pletcher and Nick

Brian Grove, Paul Dodero, Kelly Pletcher, Nick Demattia, Susan Higgins ('84) and John Cleven

Jon Cleven and Susan Higgins

LeeAn Denell, Lisa Denell, Leona Clark and Jane Devries

Matt and Kim Fennig

Ann and Brian Bershbach

Kevin Walsh and Matt Fennig

Lisa Quinn, Joe Smith, Randy and Michelle Wewer

LeeAnn Denell, Kathy Leper and Donna Gordon

Chris Kissick and Dawn Richardson

Chris Kissick, Ann Nadolski, Dawn Richardson

Shelley Lezotte, Alice Baekelandt, Terry Leach and Mike Kade

Chris Stark, Joe Smith, Melanie McClain with her husband Tom

Alice Baekelandt, Rena Tendiglia, Matt Fennig and Terry Leach

Mike Kade, LeeAnn Denell, John Allore and Nick Demattia

Chris Kissick and Alice Baekelandt

Mike Kade and Eric Hesse