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Alumni Map
Note: I finally remembered to take pictures at the very end of the reunion, so here's what I've got! -- Kevin
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Joe Smith and Catherine Sherwood set up.
Tom Carter and Dan Webb.
Eric Hesse, Lynn Ranes, Ken Eads and Brittany Davenport.
Rich Carter ('84), Leann Denell, George Williams, Ron Martz and Jean Allinder
Bill Ashwell mans the pump.
Joe Smith, Carmen Bartley, Bridget Wiktor and Tom Granzow.
Don LaFerle, Jimi Magill, Eric Hesse, John Balent, Sue Dawson, Joe Smith, Catherine Sherwood and JereAnn Williamson.
Sue Dawson, Teri Dixon (?), Bill Ashwell (standing), Greg Backe, Paul Dodero, John Allore, Kim Smith and ________________ (back turned).
Jimi Magill and Don LaFerle