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On September 19th, the Friday of the 2003 Homecoming game, members of the Class of 1983 planted a tree in the Clawson High School courtyard in memory of four of its members: Fred Galley, Joann Nicoll, Kevin Peterson and Gale Vaughn. The tree was paid for through donations from class members and the plaque was donated by Kevin Peterson's parents who were in attendance along with Jo's siblings and children. Chris Stark wrote and read the dedication printed below. Note: If any in attendance have photos of this dedication please let me know. --Kevin Walsh (

Memorial tree (foreground) with dedication plaque seen below. (photo April 2006)


On Homecoming eve, we remember: Jo, Fred, Kevin, and Gale…our friends who have made the journey home. In their short lives – they were many things to many people: Mommy, Sister, Son, Brother, Classmate…Friend. Today, we present a Living Memorial in honor of the lives we remember. On these grounds – we played together, we laughed together, we learned…together. Individually, we gained knowledge here…collectively, we nurtured wisdom.

And so – here – we plant a tree. May its branches, long after we have journeyed home, continue to raise up to the heavens in praise and thanksgiving. And, for those who follow us here, in this place – as they play, laugh, and learn…May they find comfort in the shade of this tree – and peace in the company of friends.

-- Chris Stark, September 19, 2003