Lorin Sheppard

March 7, 1965 - October 31, 2014 (link to obituary)
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BS, Adrian College; MA ('96) and Ph.D ('02). from MSU
Director of Instructional Design, Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice - Manchester University (Indiana)


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From Manchester University's Website (Oct. 2014)

Dr. Lorin Sheppard joined the College of Pharmacy in August 2011. She works collaboratively with faculty and administrators in leading the design, development, implementation and assessment of instructional strategies and methods at all levels within the School. She serves on academic committees and teaches coursework related to pharmacy practice. Dr. Sheppard has taught a variety of coursework pertaining to learning and teaching methodologies, and most recently was director of curriculum and instruction at Michigan Fitness Foundation in Okemos, Mich. She earned her Ph.D. in educational psychology from Michigan State University.

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Schoolmemory: Not too many of these--mostly I felt like I was putting
in time until I could get on with my life. But I do remember being
impressed by Pete Kalinski's ability to fall asleep while sitting upright in
Mr. Dickinson's English class (and wishing that I was similarly

George and I met at a speed-dating event. He was the
really hot guy who didn't put me down as a match. No big surprise--I
never did really pull in the really hot ones. What *did* surprise me was
when I got a call about a month later from the event coordinator who
said that this guy named George hadn't put me down as a match and had
been regretting it ever since, so he called her to try to get in touch
with me. By that time, I remembered having been interested in someone
named George but couldn't remember what he looked like. I took his contact
info and we e-mailed a couple times before finally talking on the
phone. At some point I realized that he was the really hot guy! (I'd add
more exclamation points, but this is already sounding too much like some
sad high school romance novel.) We met at a local sports bar for some
burgers and billiards, and have been dating ever since, almost four years

We live on 40 acres in Fowler, about 10 miles west of St Johns,
or 30 miles NNW of Lansing. If you can imagine a small, rural
mid-Michigan town where the Catholic church is the center of social events, the
smell of manure is heavy in the air, arctic winds blow across the empty
fields in winter, and the nearest grocery store is a 15-minute drive
away, you've got the gist of where we live. I'm facing problems that
Clawson just didn't prepare me for, like what to do when a piece of farm
equipment that takes up a lane and a half approaches me on a two-lane
road, or how to get loose cows out of the road so I can get home. It's not
quite as bad as the Green Acres scenario (mostly because George
understands how to coax temperamental wells and wood burning furnaces into
doing their jobs), but growing up in Clawson, I just never imagined
myself carrying .22 caliber bear repellant on a walk to the back of my