Whether you were there at the reunion or not, please take a minute to complete this survey. Most of the reasons for what we did at this reunion were based upon surveys like this (and input from people at open-meetings). See below for some responses!

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Did you attend the 25th Reunion?
If "Yes," did you enjoy yourself? If you didn't attend, why not?
Would you prefer reserving a back room at a restaurant with finger foods and a cash bar--no money up front?
Would you like future reunions to be merged with other classes? (e.g. Classes of '82 and '84)
Would you like to have annual "mini-reunions" such as picnics, Tiger games, etc?
What changes would you recommend for future reunions?
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Please send along any feedback on what you liked or changes you'd recommend.

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Or feel free to contact Kevin Walsh at kwteacher@yahoo.com.


Survey input so far...

"Great job with the resources.  I think most people are interested in getting together to "catch up".  I would personally prefer drinks and light food instead of a sit down meal.  Maybe a venue that has music, pool tables, and a bar.  The Rochester Mills Brewery or the Magic Bag in Ferndale would work.  The Magic Bag only plays 70 and 80's music.  The Rochester Brewery has a private room in the back thar can hold 200 people.  They have 4 pool tables and a large bar with dance floor.  The really cool thing is they have a live band that plays on the weekends.  A band called "The Spirit of 76" has a Clawson alum as their lead singer.  Mic Timko (ok, he only went to Clawson for grade school then to Brother Rice.) He teaches in Waterford and plays in the band on weekends.  He plays great 70's music.  We could just rent the back room and the bar could pay for the band.  Anyway, that is just an idea.  Thanks again Kevin for all your work.  Even though we had small numbers, I think everyone was glad they came.  I have some pics I will send so you can put on web site."

"I wouldn't change a thing. All involved did a splendid job. Very well done!!!"

"Great job on this reunion , the pictures are awesome . maybe you could talk Kelene into having it at her house, no just kidding. Thanks again, had a great time."

"I think for the 25th reunion it was appropriate to have the reunion at a hall.  In the future, it would be great to have a reunion picnic, and invite the Class of '82 and '84." 

"I think you guys did a great job with the reunion. I wish I could have been at the meetings.I think mini-reunions is a great idea,some can be more family oriented and some can be just for the big people. I really enjoy seeing everybody!! Thanks for all the hard work and a great reunion!!"

"Merging classes would probably be a blast...I have lots of friends in my brother's class (1985)and....Hmmm, though that means I'd have to share with my ex :( lol! But, that would make for more people....more fun etc..Summer is always a good time to have a reunion, but mainly to have it during good weather....driving in the ice and snow is no fun...Saturday's weather couldn't have been better...how awesome!! And as far as I'm concerned, I just want to see every one, I don't need a fancy reception style reunion...a get together at the Main is just fine with me, besides, I LOVE wearing jeans :)"

"Sorry I missed it. Just couldn't swing it. From the looks of the pictures everything went well and a good time was had by all. See you at the next one." (Jeff Zielinski)

"I thought everything went great, cant wait until our 30th..lol.."

"I thought [everyone] did a wonderful job on the reunion. I wouldn't change anything, except to attend more of them."

"Had a great time..thanks for all the support on the reunion, web site and all the stuff you do, go 83."

"Price was great, open bar was the ticket. People need to make the time to show up. Disappointed by the turnout especially with all the people who didn't show that are still in the area. Not sure what you can do to change that. Not fond of events involving the kids."

"I would like more mini reunions, which be family or adult.  Maybe a Whalers game this winter?"

"Distance is the main problem, but with internet and social network tools it would be good to see photos and be aware of events if i am ever in the area."

"After looking at the pictures, looks like I missed a great event.  Hope to see you all the the 30th (30th...can't believe I just typed that, yikes)  Cheers!  Joe (Smith)."

"I really enjoyed the reunion. Was hesitant in coming, but glad I did.  Thanks for all you do."