Staff of 1983 Clawson High School

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Maxfield, C. Robert - Principal
Luxton, Frank - Asst. Principal
Schoenknecht, Gay - Voc. Director
White, Brian - Activities Director
Balowski, Steve - Social Studies
Banninger, Jerrold - Science
Blain, Geoff - Industrial Arts
Borrie, Bruce - Social Studies
Bridges, Joe - Industrial Arts
Brooks, John - Industrial Arts
Bruce, Barry - Social Studies
Causby, Beverly - Attendance
Choma, Joe - Industrial Arts
Church, Jane - Secretary
Cleveland, Pat - Mathematics
Colby, Nancy - Special Services
Colson, Bill - English
Conaton, Jill - Math
Davis, Joyce - Secretary
Dickinson, John - English
Dutton, Patricia - English
Eidelman, Alan - Social Studies
Foster, William - Music
Fraser, Dorothy - Secretary
Gibbard, Ken - Science
Glidewell, Jerry - Business
Gorski, Larry - Industrial Arts
Hamilton, Robert - Social Studies
Hanes, Sadie - Secretary
Jarvis, Delores - Math
Johnson, Linda - Hall Monitor
Keefer, Pam - Music
Leigh, Betty - Library
Mainer, Sherry - Library Tech
Millet, Rebecca - Special Services
Mitchell, Kenneth - Science
Nathanson, Marilyn - Spanish
Oliver, Mary - English
Podlaskowski, Darlene - French
Podulka, Roman - Phys. Ed.
Pogats, Mary - Substitute
Poy, Jessie - Business
Rau, Deborah - Phys. Ed.
Rice, Leo - Science
Schram, Joanne - German
Sleep, Allan - Counselor
Smithson, Francine - Home Econ.
Tapert, June - Art
Tasson, Elaine - Business/Yearbook
Thomas, Bill - English
Waddell, Dave - Math
Wall, Sandra - Math
Wall, Stuart - Business
Wilson, Shirley - Counselor
Wing, Chester - Social Studies
Yemmens, Edith - Study Coordinator
Young, Louise - Science
Staff of 1979 Clawson Junior High School
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Not pictured: T. Pankey, J. Foster, T. Gill, J. Hacker, G. Hoemke, L. Kolodziej, R. Moore, R. Phend, J. Williams, M. Nathanson, D. Podlaskowski, J. Schram, B. Schultz (principal), J. Stien (counselor)
B. ClarkB. Shulman M. WilliamsJ. CoopesJ. DenstaedtN. Fast??J. MurdockD. McNeillD. MarengerB. ConklinM. MarlowB. WentzB. ActonJ. McCaneR. DunnGary GolecL. Hall R. Taylor T. Kania