Jeff Zielinski

Spouse/Sig. Other:
Marriage Date:
Courtney ('92), Steven ('94), Brendan ('97)
Wayne State University
Product Development Engineer (Decoma)
Lake Orion, MI

Still in touch with:
Mark and Tom Pilette

School Memories: Summer Nights, Fast Cars, Proms, My first Kiss, Wow!, The Troy Dive-In and living without a care in the world. Sports, and the very popular float builing parties at Joe Smith's house.

Interesting Stories: Our family is big into the camping gig if you want to call it camping. We have a 36' Travel Trailer we really enjoy spending time in as a family exploring all the wonderful places there are to see around the country. Specifically our National Parks. It has become our mission to see all the National Parks. We have camped or passed through about 36 different states on our way to visiting all of them. When were not doing that were busy Coaching Baseball with my kids or chasing my wife and daughter around to all of her horse shows.

I wanted to let you know I own an online Travel Agency called Worldwide Travel Plus. We have very competitive rates and are partnered with Travelocity and Orbits. Our prices are comparable to OR better than those other agencies 95% of the time. The reason I wanted to let you know about this is for any Class members coming in from out of town for the reunion. I could block off a group of rooms at hotels in the area and for those needing flights or car rentals we have all that too. Please have a look at the website www.worldwidetravel


Jeff and Barb's family (2008) with Courtney, Brendan and Steven.